SDL Extentions for OpenVMS
Installation and User Guide

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If an element is within a structure or union then the facet "maxOccurs" on the element will be set to 0.

2.3.2 Qualifiers

The XSD output in not effected by the /xxx_DEVELOPMENT qualifiers. All other qualifiers, such as /SUPPRESS, apply as normal.

2.3.3 Feature Logicals

The SDLXSD_OPTIONS feature logical has been deprecated. However, it is still available and although documented below it is recommended that /SUPPRESS be used instead.

This logical was introduced specifically for generating configuration file schemas. This allows the XML to have the same fields and value restrictions as the configuration block, just without the prefix and/or tag.

SDLXSD_OPTIONS translates to a comman delimited list. Currently the only two options are:

Table 2-5 SDLXSD_OPTIONS Keyword
Keyword Description
NOPREFIX Disables the prefix set in the SDL source module.
It is equivalent to /SUPPRESS=PREFIX.
NOTAG Disables the tag set in the SDL source module.
It is equivalent to /SUPPRESS=TAG.

2.3.4 Names

Unfortunately, the XML standard says that the dollar sign is not acceptable in a name so SDLXSD converts this to an underscore. There is no command line qualifier or feature logical to switch this on or off as no correctly conforming schema based XML parser would allow it.

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