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OpenVMS …empowered



Kednos is a proud supporter of the OpenVMS Hobbyist Program.  This program came about as result of the efforts of OpenVMS Hobbyist #1, Pat Jankowiak, the late John Wisniewski and David Cathey from Montagar.  Since then a number of vendors have offered their software products to hobbyists and non-commercial users for a great fee, NOTHING!

Kednos is happy to offer their PL/I compilers for OpenVMS VAX and Alpha under this same licensing arrangement.  To begin you need to qualify for a regular old OpenVMS hobbyist license.  If you do, then you can apply for a Kednos hobbyist license here.  The remainder of this page consists of information and pointers to resources useful to OpenVMS hobbyists.  If you believe there is an error or ommition, then please contact us at here.

Public Access

If you don't have an Alpha or VAX system with which to install the hobbyist PL/I compiler on, there are a number of public access systems available (for non-commercial use) that do have the Kednos PL/I compiler installed.  The following is a list of such systems currently available.

  • is possibly the oldest public access OpenVMS system.  It is an Alpha system running a host of hobbyist software, including the Kednos PL/I compiler.
  • FAFNER was a VAX 7000/820 system running OpenVMS V7.3.  However, FAFNER has since been shutdown and replaced with a DS20 called FASOLT. It too has the Kednos PL/I compiler installed.  FASOLT's system manager also offers other classic systems for temporary use.

If you know of a system not listed here, please contact us here.

Emulated/Simulated Systems

If you would rather have your own personal system, yet still don't have the necessary hardware then maybe you sohuld consider and emulated system.  There are a number of VAX and Alpha emulators available for free use, although some only non-commerically.  The following list covers all emulators know to Kednos at this time.  If you know of an emulator not listed here, then please contact us with the details.

  • SIMH is possibly the best know simulator available.  It supports a whole host of systems from DEC as well as other vendors.  Included in this is a MicroVAX 3900 and a VAX-11/780.  Both of these will run OpenVMS and in-turn will run the Kednos PL/I VAX compiler.
  • ts10 is another emulator family.  Originally developed as PDP-10 emulator it has since grown to include PDP-11 and VAX systems.  The VAX system emulated ar the VAXserver 3900 and MicroVAX II.  This emulator will boot OpenVMS and support the Kednos PL/I compiler.
  • Stromasys (formerly SRI) offers a collection of emulators for commercial use (SPARC, HPe3000, VAX, Alpha and PDP-11).  Their VAX and Alpha emulators will run OpenVMS and the Kednos PL/I compilers.
  • es40 is an opensource AlphaServer ES40 emulator.  It boots OpenVMS Alpha and has been known to run on Windows, Linux, OpenVMS MacOS X and Solaris.  It will also run the Kednos PL/I compiler.
  • Advanced Virtualisation Technologies offer both VAX and Alpha commerical emulators capable of running OpenVMS and tje Kednos PL/I compilers.


The following is a collection of links to other supporters of the OpenVMS Hobbyist programme.  Further this great community programme and grab some more hobbyist software for you system, today!