Kednos Native IPF PL/I Run-time Library for Translated Imagestm

Kednos Native IPF PL/I Run-time Library for Translated Imagestm

Release Notes for Version 4.5-B

This manual provides release information on the Kednos Native IPF PL/I Run-time Library for Translated Images 4.5-B.

Revision/Update Information: This is a new manual.

Operating System and Version: HP OpenVMS Version 8.2 for Integrity Servers
and higher

Software Version: Kednos Native IPF PL/I Run-time Library for Translated Images 4.5-B

Published by: Kednos Corporation, Pebble Beach, CA,

June 2008

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This document contains release information on Kednos Native IPF PL/I Run-time Library for Translated Images Version 4.5-B. Release information is necessary for gaining the best results from Kednos PL/I Version 4.5-B on the HP OpenVMS for Integrity Servers operating system. Kednos recommends that all users read this information.

1 Introduction of Version 4.5-B

Version 4.5-B is the first release of the Kednos Native IPF PL/I Run-time Library for Translated Images. It provides on Itanium VMS interface routines that are call-compatible to the Kednos PL/I Runtime Library on Alpha VMS.

1.1 Translating Alpha PL/I Images

Versions V1.0 and V2.0 of AEST$MAIN.EXE from HP (product name HP OpenVMS Migration Software for Alpha to Integrity Server) fail with an error message when translating an Alpha image that contains PL/I code. This can be avoided by patching AEST$MAIN.EXE using the command procedure SYS$UPDATE:DPLI$PATCH_AEST.COM placed on your Itanium machine by the installation of the PLI_RTL_AV kit.

If your operational plan calls for translating Alpha images on Alpha and then moving the resulting Itanium images over from Alpha, you can move SYS$UPDATE:DPLI$PATCH_AEST.COM to Alpha and run it there.

An MSAI release after V2.0 may eliminate this need to patch AEST$MAIN.EXE in order to translate images containing PL/I code.

1.2 Callable FDL

Up through Itanium VMS V8.3-1, programs that call FDLSHR and are translated with AEST fail to find the image FDLSHR_AV. As it turns out the native FDLSHR.EXE image on Itanium is adequate, so you can use a site-specific systemwide logical name in the startup command procedure:

It is possible that a release of Itanium VMS after V8.3-1 will include this definition automatically, at which point a site definition in the startup command procedure will be superfluous but harmless.

1.3 Floating Point Precision

On Alpha and Itanium VMS emulates the VAX floating point types, but those emulations are different and certain programs may get slightly different floating point results on the two architectures. The difference is discussed by HP in detail at:

1.4 Installing the DPLI$RTLSHR_AV Image

If you have translated PLI programs that you install with privilege, you will need to Install the RTL image:

Be sure to make that change to your site specific startup command procedure, and also issue it interactively on all systems sharing a common system disk (to ensure it is installed until the next reboot invokes the site specific startup command procedure.

If you have particular performance needs, you may want additional site-specific qualifiers on that INSTALL command.

1.5 Translated Image Environment

If you encounter problems with the VMS Translated Image Environment (TIE) you should report them to HP. However Kednos would appreciate also hearing from you about any TIE issues that affect PL/I programs.

1.6 Installation Verification Procedure

To run the PLI_RTL_AV Installation Verification procedure on a system that has both MSAI/AEST and PLI_RTL_AV installed, type:

from the running system.