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Structure Definition Language (or SDL) is a language for defining data structures, constants, external symbols and entry points. The SDL compiler is a tool for taking those definitions and generating language specific include files.

The SDLEXT product offers a collection of backends that generate output for the following languages:

  • Java, for use with the J2VMS interface
  • XML Schema Definition.


SDLEXT ships in a combined PCSI kit. This means that the single kit contains software that will install on OpenVMS VAX, Alpha and I64.

  • SDLEXT V2.0 PCSI software kit PCSI|ZIP.

The SDL compiler kit is available on the OpenVMS Freeware distribution. It is also available online here. The last release (EV1-65) of ALPHA_SDL can also be downloaded (including source) from here.


The following documentation covers the SDLEXT software product:

All manuals are produced using DECdocument from Touch Technologies, Inc.

Documentation for the SDL compiler and language can be viewed in either HTML, PS or PDF formats. The original VAX SDL RUNOFF manual can be viewed here.