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OpenVMS …empowered


 Date  Article
29 Jul 2009 OpenVMS I64 TIE Internals: Emulating Alpha Control Instructions HTML|PDF

This article, published in the OpenVMS Technical Journal V13, is intended as the first in a series of articles detailing as finely as possible the internals of the Translated Image Environment for OpenVMS I64.

This particular article covers the emulation of Alpha control instructions. It describes both local and non-local jumps as well as emulated and translated branches.

22 Jun 2009 WSIT and J2VMS: A Comparative Analysis HTML|PDF

This article attempts to compare the features of Kednos' Java-to-VMS Toolkit and HP's Web Services Integration Toolkit as a method for calling native OpenVMS routines from a Java environment.

*This article was submitted to the OpenVMS Technical Journal, but rejected on the grounds that this journal does not publish articles comparing products.

 28 Jan 2009 Calling OpenVMS Native Routines From Java HTML|PDF
  This article, published in the OpenVMS Technical Journal V12, is a brief introduction and tutorial on the use of a collection of tools offered by Kednos intended to make it easier for Java and native code to interact. Although Kednos' primary business is PL/I compilers, the tools described in this article can be used to interface Java with any native OpenVMS language that adheres to the common calling standard.